If Komodo is known for anything, it’s definitely the strong currents! The general opinion of the best drift dives in Komodo will vary from dive shop to dive shop. Therefore, here are 5 amazing (and common) dive sites that are worth your time (depending on your experience level). You’ll also find a bonus, not so regularly visited, 6th dive site at the end of the list!

The best thing about the diving in Komodo is that there’s something for all kinds of different levels of divers.

For everyone (even DSDs and Open Water students if the conditions are right):

Makassar Reef (Manta Point)

Manta Rays are the main attraction point here, but there are also sharks, turtles, marble and eagle rays, as well as incredible macro. This dive changes all the time, especially depending on the tide so it’s worth a couple of visits if you have the time.

Tatawa Besar

The colors and sheer volume of fish are spectacular. You also have a special bonus of possibly seeing some larger creatures (sharks, manta rays and dolphins, just to name a few). The island is exposed to open ocean so it’s worth keeping one eye on the blue while exploring the reef.

Below are kind of the ‘big 3’ of Komodo North and are only appropriate for advanced divers:

The Cauldron and ‘the shotgun’

If you’ve done some research into diving in Komodo, you’ve probably heard of the shotgun. Some days it’s a tame, gentle drift through the main part of the dive site which flows into the following coral garden. Other days, it’s a quick flight past manta rays and other schooling fish before resting in the protected reef area. If you want a strong current kind of day there, plan your trip around full or new moon.

Castle Rock

This is one of the famous, deep pinnacles in Komodo North where you will be diving the split. This means, you will jump in on the side of the rock where the current hits and splits around the rock. Grey reef, black tip and white tip sharks frequent this spot and can put on quite the show!

Crystal Rock

The topography here is similar to Castle Rock in that it is another deep-water pinnacle. Sharks can also be seen here on the regular, as well as eagle rays and loads of large, schooling fish. If your dive guide has good eyes (and the currents allow for it) you may even be able to see a pygmy seahorse!

best drift diving in Komodo

Are you an advanced diver and want to experience another fun ride?

Check out Siaba Kecil

This is Siaba Besar’s little brother island and the drift is real. When the current is strong, drifting the side of the island can take as little as 10 minutes (or sometimes even less!) After the wild drift dive, you will find a gorgeous, protected coral garden. There, you may even be lucky enough to see a dugong!!!

Start planning your next dive vacation

The Komodo National Park is also famous for its healthy coral gardens, pelagic beauties and wide variety of macro. When you plan a dive trip to Indonesia, you can see a bit of everything. 

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