Dive Komodo with Azul Unlimited

Our daily trips out to scuba dive in Komodo National Park are the #1 way to enjoy your time in Labuan Bajo. The Komodo National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its’ immense biodiversity and is known as one of the best diving locations in the world. 

The marine topography of the Komodo National Park is incredibly diverse with a thriving coral reef. The marine life is expansive and the many options of dive sites allow us to show you the best of the area for all diving levels. 

Each day, we leave bright and early from our dive shop in the Labuan Bajo town center. Your dive guide will double check that you have the necessary personal items (like coral safe sunscreen!) to make your trip comfortable and fun. Our guides will then accompany you to our boat, Asmara where you will find breakfast waiting for you as well as all of your scuba equipment. 

Comfort and Safety First

Our dive boat, Asmara is designed down to the last detail to offer comfort and ease for your day of diving. Asmara is 18 meters long with ample space for divers and dive gear. On board, you will eat delicious local food made by our on-board chef and enjoy the comforts of an occidental bathroom as well as fresh water shower. Inside of the cabin, there is plenty of space for enjoying meals with the other divers and you will have access to water, coffee and tea at all times throughout the day. Our philosophy is to offer the best, complete service so that you can enjoy a fun, relaxing day at sea. 

Before departing, the boat master will run through a tour of our boat and facilities, including safety procedures. The Komodo National Park is between 1.5 and 2.5 hours away, depending on which part of the park we are exploring that day. The trip out to the park is the perfect time to get familiar with your dive leader and buddies. When you dive in Komodo, you will never be in a group bigger than 4 divers per dive guide, which means you get to see more fish and fewer fins! As the boat arrives at the dive site, the Boatmaster will give a thorough dive briefing including specific techniques to diving in currents as well as safety and the local biodiversity.

Find out why the Komodo National Park is one of the top dive destinations in the world.

The currents in Komodo make for a unique and spectacular experience. Here at Azul Unlimited, we plan our dives based on environmental conditions, tides, moon phases, and diver skill level. If you plan to dive with us for several days, you will be happy to know that we aim to offer a wide range of dive sites in our weekly planning, which means you get to know the park better than most people!

The rest of the day will be spent in similar fashion as we explore the wonders of diving in Komodo National Park. A hearty and healthy meal will be served after the second dive and typically, we arrive back in Labuan Bajo by 6pm.


Daily Trip Options Price in Indonesian Rupiah
3 Dives 1,800,000
2 Dives + Komodo Dragon Tour 1,800,000

Entrance Fees:

Komodo National Park Entrance Fees Price in IDR
Mon-Sat 275,000
Sun & Holidays 350,000
Komodo Dragon Tour Fees 115,000

Ready to dive in?

Let us know your certification level, number of dives, dates of travel and what you want out of your trip to Komodo!