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Your Guide to Scuba Diving in Komodo

If you want to get away from the crowds and experience the truly spectacular scuba diving in Indonesia, then this is the place for you. Regardless of whether you have never been diving or if you have thousands of dives under your belt, scuba diving in the Komodo National Park will not disappoint. 

Here, you will finally see more fish than fins. We are also lucky to dive a super healthy coral reef system due to the cooler water temperatures (between 24C and 28C). The biodiversity of the reef is also world renowned and you can expect to see a wide variety of beautiful fish and invertebrates.

The team at Azul Unlimited has been teaching recreational and professional level scuba courses for the better part of a decade. Our intention with being a part of the Labuan Bajo dive community is to expand the reach of quality scuba courses regardless of the level. 

What special about scuba diving in Komodo with

Azul Unlimited?

Daily Trips:

  • Variety of dive sites
  • Experienced dive guides
  • Small groups (4 divers/guide)
  • Dive groups made according to skill level
  • Speedboat support
  • DAN insurance available
Daily Trip details


  • Small groups (2 students/instructor)
  • Dive computer included
  • Dive insurance included in the OWC
  • Relaxed pace courses for optimal learning
  • Pool practice for beginners
  • Instructors with 5+ years of teaching experience
Instructor Team


  • Speedboat support
  • GPS, long distance radio, flares, fire extinguishers on board
  • O2 kit with +2 hours supply of oxygen
  • All staff trained in first aid, CPR and oxygen administration
See our amenities

Client care and offering excellent customer service is our priority.

Our entire team, from instructors and dive guides to boat crew and office staff, is dedicated to providing prime customer service from the very beginning. We hold safety, fun and environmental awareness as top priorities in every single dive. The second you step into our dive shop, you will forever be part of the Azul Unlimited tribe, in and out of the water.  

Azul Unlimited. They live up to their name, I received unlimited experience and education in everything to do with diving in the big blue. I learned so much more than I ever could have hoped and I can confidently say that when the time comes to do my IDC I know where I’m going! Not just my mentors, but now firm friends. Keep it up, guys!! 🤙


Azul Unlimited is founded by the most detail-oriented, authentically caring, and technically accomplished divers I know (for perspective, I’ve been diving internationally since 2011). Rooting themselves in practices that, I believe, exceed the expectations for quality and safety as established by PADI, and serving as advocates for the marine environment, I cannot think of a better group to recreationally dive with.


Join us on YouTube for videos on scuba diving in Komodo National Park and plastic-free living!

Our goal of offering instructional videos online is to serve all of our students and clients from wherever they are in the world. We aim to create helpful content that will instigate intelligent conversations, share knowledge and improve the quality of scuba conversation happening online.

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Tell us what you want to see during your trip to Labuan Bajo and how we can make your Indonesian experience a special one. 

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