Here at Azul Unlimited, the environment is #1! Therefore, we are collaborating with Trash Hero Komodo, not only by joining their weekly Beach clean up but also by educating the next generation which will be taking care of this part of the world in the future.

Education is the key to change for the environment

Trash Hero is making sure the local kids get educated on how to take care of the planet. They are making a huge effort to make them conscious about the impact humans have in the environment and they are learning how to reduce their plastic usage. You will be surprised how many kids turn up for the weekly beach clean-up events!!

trash hero Komodo

Wednesday fun with English class

Every Wednesday afternoon around 4 pm, the kids gather in the Trash Hero Komodo facilities in order to have their weekly English class. Each Wednesday, one of the many businesses in Labuan Bajo join the class and teach the kids in English & Bahasa Indonesia about marine fauna, environment, diving, and other useful subjects. 

Giving back to the local community is a big part of the Azul Unlimited philosophy. Since we arrived in Labuan Bajo, we wanted to join these projects and help the local community, which has welcomed us so warmly. 

trash hero komodo

Turtle Conservation in Komodo

Turtles are a huge part of our ecosystem in the Komodo National Park so we chose to make it the subject of our first Trash Hero presentation. We discussed many things during the presentation, such as morphology, species of marine turtles, habitat in Indonesia (especially Komodo), and finally we linked it to the issues turtles are facing nowadays. All of this information was accompanied with a few fun games for the kids so we could all laugh and learn at the same time!

We had good attendance and the kids were very collaborative; curious and asking a lot of questions, both in English and Bahasa Indonesia. 

The first but not the last Trash Hero Komodo event

We are sure this is just the first of many collaborations with Trash Hero in Komodo. We want to be involved with the cause and contribute to our community in any way we can. Helping each other and facilitating education to future generations is the key to promote change and awareness. 

If you are in Labuan Bajo and want to join the weekly clean up on Fridays please pop in our shop and we will give you all the information you need.

See you soon and buen Azul!

Sergio Palazuelos Leon

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Azul Unlimited

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