Gifts for scuba divers

Check out these great gift ideas for scuba divers for every budget.

Xdeep bolt snaps

If your loved one dives with thick gloves, these clips are clutch. Xdeep bolt snaps are more expensive than your average clip, so likely, the scuba diver in your life won’t buy them for themselves. These clips come in different sizes based on their uses. I have one of the small bolt snaps for my sidemount long hose regulator and two of the large bolt snaps for my sidemount tank attachments.

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Weight plates

These are the best weight system solution for anyone who dives with a harness-style buoyancy control system. This could be a standard wing situation for single or double tank back mount or a sidemount harness. The weight plates are easily adjustable, removable, and perfect for travel.

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Fish identification books

Is your dive buddy a total nerd? Get the fish and creature identification books. Just be prepared to spend many hours post-dive trying to ID everything you saw on your dives.

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Scuba diving tools

Every diver should have a save a dive kit. This particular scuba tool kit is outfitted with enough gear to help your scuba buddy do repairs and maintenance.

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Underwater camera tray

If your dive buddy has a GoPro and is interested in underwater videography, this tray is a solid tool to get them started. They can use this camera tray and upgrade to video lights when ready for the investment.

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surffur waterparka for scuba divers

Surf-Fur waterparka or hoodie

The only shore or boat outerwear that any diver will need. These are my absolute favorite jackets to wear. Period. I love them. No notes. Get 10% off with my link and code AZUL.

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dive trip to mexico

Dive trip to Mexico

I’m not into giving and receiving physical gifts, but experiences? That’s the best. A diving expedition is at the bottom of this list because it is the most expensive gift, but it’s also the one that will leave lasting memories. If you’d like to join my dive trip to Mexico in January 2023, check the details on my website. There are only a couple spots left on this trip, but this will likely be an annual trip, so stay tuned for future announcements.

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