Join me for a beautiful road trip from the Pacific Coast of Baja California, to the stunning gems of the Sea of Cortez: Bahía de Los Ángeles and Loreto. As the wheels of my van rolled down the Baja California highway, I discovered the magic of these two unique towns, blending dreamy camping spots, gorgeous scuba diving, and the unique warmth of Baja’s charm.

Bahía de Los Ángeles: A Secluded Paradise

Picture this: quiet beaches, cerulean waters, and a welcoming community typical of Baja California. That’s Bahía de Los Ángeles for you. As I drove into this hidden haven, my van became my home by the sea. The town though small, boasts a charm larger than life. Local tiendas offer the essentials like gas, water, and basic foodstuffs, and the simplicity of life here is a breath of fresh air after the hustle and bustle of Ensenada.

Vanlife Tip: If you plan to camp, Bahía de Los Ángeles offers beachside spots that redefine the notion of a perfect morning view. Check iOverlander for updated spots.

While I didn’t explore the reefs of Bahia de Los Angeles this time, I’ve heard that the best season for scuba diving is during the warmer months, specifically from June to November, when the whale sharks are in town.

Loreto: Where Mountains Meet the Sea

Continuing my journey south, I reached the historic town of Loreto. The contrast was striking—from the intimate charm of Bahía de Los Ángeles to the historical richness of Loreto. With its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, Loreto seamlessly intertwines its past with the vibrant present.

Loreto Pro Tips: The town offers a range of hotel, restaurant, and camping options. Ask around for information about local artisan markets. If you’re a hiker, I definitely recommend checking out the trails in the stunning Loreto mountain range.

Scuba Dreams in Loreto

Loreto’s underwater realm has been calling my name for years. The Sea of Cortez, often referred to as the, “Aquarium of the World,” is a haven for divers. Here, schools of fish dance around rocky and coral reefs in a wide range of dive sites suitable for all levels. The best part? There is less tourism in Loreto, so dives are much more peaceful than Cabo San Lucas.

Azul Unlimited Dive Tip: It’s best to contact local dive shops via their website/email because it seems office hours are not accurate. When I visited, I tried to go to a shop during their open hours and was greeted by yet another empty shop in Baja (this seems to be a pattern in northern Baja-at least for me).

More of Mexico to Come

After my adventures through these two cities, I worked on a beach for a couple of days before continuing the journey south. The exciting moments are always followed by several days of computer work to support my life on the road, and honestly I love the slow days where it’s just me and my dog Abby on a beach taking care of business.

So, fellow adventurers, rev your engines, pack your scuba gear, and let the allure of Mexico draw you in for more to come from Azul Unlimited. Until the next adventure, happy bubbles!

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