If you are craving a shore diving adventure that seamlessly blends underwater wonders with the charm of coastal exploration, look no further than Arbolitos, a hidden gem on the shores of Ensenada.

Driving south of the border

Make your way from the United States to Ensenada with minimal drama and hassle by being prepared for the border crossing. Get car insurance for Mexico (I always get mine from Baja Bound) and arrive early at the border. Tijuana is a busy place, and it can take hours to cross if you go during the day. Before crossing the border, get your FMM visa and keep that safe during your travels in Mexico. From there, set your playlist, roll down the windows, and let the coastal breeze guide you south.

Camping by the ocean: La Bufadora

Once you arrive in Ensenada, visit a dive shop and arrange your scuba adventures. Then, continue south for La Bufadora. There are plenty of official campsites along the road to La Bufadora, so find your spot by the ocean, set up camp, and let the rhythmic sounds of waves lull you into a peaceful slumber. La Bufadora draws in tourists from all over and although it was a bit too much of a tourist trap for my preference, it is impressive to see the natural marine geyser shoot seawater into the air. 

Shore diving in Ensenada

Now, let’s dive into the heart of our journey—the beautiful dive site: Arbolitos. The road out to Arbolitos is no joke, so if you can hitch a ride with your dive guide, I highly recommend it. I drove my van out there, and it was… stressful, to say the least.

This shore diving paradise is renowned for its rocky formations and vibrant marine life. The underwater landscape is adorned with colorful sponges and small patches of kelp forests, with depths perfect for beginners and advanced divers alike. Watch the YouTube video to see all the biodiversity you can encounter at this dive site.

Be safe out there!

There are several other dive sites in the area, but same as with any other diving, you must consider the waves and conditions before making your dive plan. The Pacific Ocean is no joke, so take your safety seriously and dive only if you feel comfortable with the dive plan.

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