“When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens” 

~ Phylicia Rashad

Women may still be in the minority of the scuba diving community, but the voice that is coming out of this group is one of power, change, and passion. We at Azul Unlimited in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia are here for it 🙋🏻‍♀️

July 20th, 2019 marked the very first of many PADI Women’s Dive Days that we will be promoting in the future. This day was celebrated with a boat full of rad women, pumped on doing something good for the environment while enjoying some incredible dives in the Komodo National Park. Immediately following the dive day event, was a fun, ‘female health-conscious’ after-party geared towards educating women as well as connecting with other females in the local community.


The Embrace the Blue initiative

We have created Azul Unlimited with the intention of spreading awareness and positive change within the environment that we love so much. Our tagline: ‘Embrace the Blue’ is exactly what we want all people to start doing: love on the ocean. 

The main event with this PADI Women Dive Day was to go out and do two Project AWARE Dive Against Debris dives in the Komodo National Park; one at Siaba Besar and the other at our Adopted Dive Site: Batu Bolong.

Fortunately, we didn’t find much trash during our dives in the park. This means that the boats traveling through the park (especially those that stay the night in the bay at Siaba Besar) are making positive change and taking their trash with them instead of throwing it into the bay!

We finished the day by stopping at a beach off of Labuan Bajo which is well known to have loads of accumulated trash. Everyone did such a great job organizing the garbage and making a quick job of it before low tide sent us on our way back to the harbor. 

A big thank you to Susan from DOCK for helping us organize the pickup and disposal of waste afterward!

The after-party in Labuan Bajo

The Palm Komodo was the perfect place to finish up our day of feminine solidarity. Siloam Hospitals set up shop and offered free medical checks to everyone (even the boys!) and gave away mini first aid kits. We had yummy appetizers from the kitchens at The Palm, as well as drink specials (alcoholic and non-alcoholic options). Also, Cafe Melinjo, a new cafe in Labuan Bajo known for spectacular coffee and cakes, offered up some coffee and desserts just for the event. 

The music was pumping and the vibes were high. It was truly special to see so many women laughing and sharing moments together. The night was finished out with a giveaway for all the ladies present.


A special thank you to our sponsors!

We had so much support from the local community, as well as female-empowering brands. 

First of all, none of this would’ve happened without the help from Donna at The Palm Komodo where we had the after-party. Also, the ladies from Siloam Hospitals, (Putri, Rosiana & staff) and their helpful medical test screenings, free hyperbaric chamber vouchers and discount on pap smears are a blessing for all of us in this small town. Finally, Severine and Victor from Cafe Melinjo and their donations for the event.

As for our giveaway items, we were so happy to be supported by Lunette Cup and Higea who provide 5 menstrual cups for the event. Labuan Bajo is not the easiest place to find feminine products so we were stoked to introduce these items to the local women. 

Azul Unlimited will be a point of sale for Lunette in the future so stay tuned for that!

We were also super grateful to have Magnolia Boutique Komodo share some adorable manta ray keychains as well as collectible Komodo magnets to accompany the giveaway. It was an honor to be able to put this event together with such a sweet group of loving, supportive women. 

This is only the beginning of the special events that we will be hosting at Azul Unlimited. We are proud to support initiatives for change and empowerment. Will you be along with us for the ride?

Sarah Miller

PADI IDC Staff Instructor #320212

Azul Unlimited

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